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We never watch tv

by wil — Dec 9, 2010

We’re thinking of buying ourselves a new tv as a Christmas gift to one another.

We currently have a 27″ Magnavox, which is roughly 15 years old, and it has this purple spot that shows up occasionally in the upper-right corner. But here’s the deal: we like that our current tv fits nicely in our tv cabinet. We don’t want to get rid of our tv cabinet. So, my wife measured and figured out that we can cram in a 32″ widescreen tv if we carefully angle the tv inside the cabinet. The idea is, we’ll mount the tv on a swivel arm and then, when we want to watch something, we’ll just swivel the tv out from its angled/stored state and adjust it so that it sits flush against the front of the cabinet. Voila!

I stopped by Best Buy yesterday and walked back to the giant wall-o-tvs. But it turns out the wall-o-tvs is reserved for massive NASA-style mission-control tvs. Wussy little 32″ tvs — ostensibly for children’s bedrooms or maybe a kitchen or bathroom (certainly not for any self-respecting living room) — are tucked away elsewhere.

The “little” 32″ tvs start around $350 (a tenth of the price of some of those mission-control tvs), but since we only buy a tv every 15 years or so, I want to get a 1080p Netflix-ready tv. They cost more, but we’re getting a little tired of watching streaming Netflix movies on the computer monitor in my home office. It would be nice to watch Netflix movies in the living room.

Anyway, I’m still reading tv reviews, but before long, we may well be the proud owners of a mega-monster-huge 32″ tv.

P.S. Who are these people buying $2000-4000 tvs? And even more tangentially, who are these kids (according to the 2010 Duracell Toy Report) asking for iPhones and iPads for Christmas? iPads start at $500. Last time I checked $500 was still a lot of money. Dang whippersnappers.