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by wil — Nov 22, 2010

I discovered the radio program/podcast, Being (formerly Speaking of Faith), a few months ago, and it’s rapidly become one of my favorites (alongside To the Best of Our Knowledge and This American Life). The latest podcast features an interview with Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama’s longtime translator.

I found this bit particularly memorable:

[T]he fact that…actions of affection, actions of love and…caring, do not make headlines is because we take them for granted, which suggests that we expect peopleā€¦to behave in that manner. The fact that killing and violence makes the headlines is because we don’t expect…normally…people to behave in that manner and, when they do, we are shocked….

[The Dalai Lama] is suggesting that, by not being critically reflective, we sometimes let ourselves [be] driven by headline news, and the sad…byproduct of that is that people become cynical, thinking, “Oh, we’re such [a] horrible species.” Whereas, he’s saying…the opposite. The fact that they are sensational, that they are news-making, means that somehow in some way we don’t expect fellow human beings to behave in those manners. So these kind of things are very powerful actually. I mean, he’s questioning many of our everyday assumptions and he’s saying, “No, don’t take them for granted.”Thupten Jinpa, “Translating the Dalai Lama”, Being