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Igloo #3

by wil — Dec 30, 2010

On the Feast of Stephen (a.k.a. Boxing Day, Dec. 26), my dad, my older brother, and I built our third annual igloo — a 10-foot beauty — in 3.5 hrs.

igloo wall

The finished product:


Entryway (small and low, to help retain heat):
igloo entrance

Interior, with daylight seeping through:
igloo interior


The next evening, after dinner in town, my older brother and I drove up the mountain, spread out our pads, and settled in for a longer winter’s nap. And that’s when the vertigo and nausea set in. The igloo began to spin, and spin, and spin…and I began to upchuck. Luckily, an extra sleeping pad caught most of it. Unluckily, it also began to flow off the pad, down into the entryway.

After a while, my nausea and vertigo subside, and I became quite sleepy. I didn’t feel like crawling out of the igloo late at night and driving down the mountain, so we stayed. The next morning I awoke, sat up, and the nausea and vertigo returned in full force. So I upchucked a bit more into the entryway. But I knew it was time to go, so I slipped on my snow pants, upchucked a bit more, put on my boots, upchucked a bit more, etc. Soon, I was fully dressed and feeling a bit more stable. I carefully moved the sleeping pad out of the way, used a snow shovel to clear the entryway a bit, and crawled out (more or less unscathed). From there, I dizzily walked the 100 yards or so to the car, stopping a time or two to upchuck a bit more. My brother helpfully got the car heater going, carried all of our gear out, and drove me down the mountain. By the time I got home, I had completely emptied my stomach and was feeling slightly better. So I said goodbye to my brother (after spending the night in the vomit-igloo and driving me down the mountain in the vomit-car, one can only assume he was ready for a vomit-break), my wife propped me up on the couch, popped Lord of the Rings into the dvd player, and when I felt ready for food, fed me homemade chicken broth and “jello” (gelatin, fruit juice, honey).

Once home, my nausea subsided, but the vertigo remained, and my lower back went out (it tends to go out once a year, during the winter months). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, lower back pain and vertigo/dizziness can point toward a kidney imbalance, so the next day, we went to see our acupuncturist. I got some acupuncture and some herbs and I’m feeling better.

Thus ends the the igloo-vomit saga of 2010.

UPDATE: More photos!

My dad and brother working on the igloo:
igloo construction

My brother striking a pose:

Posing in the igloo, “looking scared” — little did we know how much there was to truly fear:
igloo fear