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New TV, Old TV Cabinet

by wil — Oct 12, 2011

We’d been thinking about replacing our 15-year-old 27″ TV with a new one for about a year. But we wanted to keep our TV cabinet, so we carefully measured the cabinet space — and built a couple of scale models — and determined we could fit a 32″ HDTV into the space if we angled it just so…

The old TV

The empty TV cabinet + curious cat

The cabinet with new support column, shored up with about a thousand L-braces and twelve million screws

Support column with attached articulating-arm TV wall mount + large L-brace securing the cabinet to the wall for extra-super-duper stability + a temporarily-askew wall/cabinet baseboard

The new TV in its retracted state

Side view of the extended TV

Front view of the extended TV (with plenty of room underneath for AV components)

Whew. Now we’re set till ~2025, when we will attempt to install a dark-energy-powered Holo-Mind-Meld system into our old TV cabinet.