by wil — Sep 9, 2011

My wife’s convinced me to do The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge, and it starts Monday. *Gulp*

What’s The Primal Blueprint you say? It’s an exercise + diet program built around a hypothetical, pre-agricultural “caveman” named Grok. So, with Grok as your model, you eat meat, fruits, and vegetables, and avoid grains, beans/legumes, and sugar/junk food. You exercise moderately (3-5 hours a week of walking, yoga, bicycling, etc., with once-a-week sprints and twice-a-week body-weight strength training). And you get some sun, get plenty of sleep, and basically have fun.

Can we do it? I think so. I only eat beans and grains occasionally, so I don’t think it’ll be too hard (knock on wood) to drop them all-together. As for sugar, I’ll miss it, but I think I can get by (my wife already avoids beans, grains, and sugar, so she can just cruise). And the exercise? I think I’ll just need to make sure I’m keeping up with it. I still do yoga occasionally and walk pretty frequently, but I’ll need to make exercise a daily activity. I tried a “Lift Heavy Things” body-weight strength-training set on Monday and I’m still a little sore from it, but it was fun too, and I’m actually looking forward to my next set (once again, my wife’s leading the way — she already does daily yoga, walks frequently, and has been strength-training for a few weeks).

So, why are we doing it? We’d both like to boost our general fitness level, become more active generally, and maybe shed a few pounds (or at least redistribute it). And I’d like to see if going completely off grains makes me feel any different. Plus it seems like a fun challenge.

Have any of you tried the primal (or paleo) lifestyle?

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