Primal Update: Week 1.0

by wil — Sep 18, 2011

I finished Week One* of the Primal Challenge — woohoo! The diet’s going smoothly. I’m basically just transitioning from eating primally ~75% of the time to 100%. And fruit and kombucha have satisfied my sweet-tooth without maxing-out my carb intake.

I’ve been enjoying the exercise as well. My general movement/play for the week consisted of a game of handball and a couple of hikes with my wife. The sprints and the “Lift Heavy Things” workouts are both challenging, but fun. After just one week, I already feel a bit stronger and I’m generally feeling more energetic/exuberant.

So far, so good!

* If you’re keeping track, I decided to just go ahead and start on Saturday instead of waiting until Monday to begin.

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