by wil — Feb 24, 2011

My lower back started bothering me in late-December after the igloo incident, but a visit to the TCM acupuncturist put me on the road to recovery. Then in late-January, after an out-of-town trip, my back started bothering me again. At that point I stumbled across 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, Esther Gokhale’s anthropological, posture-based program (somewhat akin to the Alexander technique), and started working on my posture. But that didn’t seem like an instant cure (I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be — it’s more of a long-term therapy), so I added in Trigger Point Therapy for Lower Back Pain, which is basically compression + stretching, and is helpful, but also not an instant cure. Then I added in yet another practice: Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum & Hips.

My wife’s tried to get me to do yoga for years, and I’ve done a little here and there, but it’s always seemed kind of soft/“girly” to me. So I’m a bit surprised at how much I’m actually enjoying the Viniyoga.

I’d say my back is currently at 83% — a vast improvement over two weeks ago — but I’d like to get it to 100% by the end of the month. I went to see the TCM acupuncturist for a follow-up appointment yesterday, and I solemnly vow here in front of all the Internet to continue to work on my posture, do daily stretching/yoga, take walks regularly, and make a concerted effort not to sit too long without taking a break.

Southwest Acupuncture College, koi pond:

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