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Medieval Camp

by wil — Jun 21, 2011

This past weekend, my brothers flew in for our first annual (?) Medieval Camp. In period costume, with very few modern accoutrements, we hiked in a short way and made camp. We used soft wood chips and branches from fallen trees to create bedding and laid out our blankets. We built a fire and roasted lamb on a spit. We drank ale and wine.

Me playing the ukelele:

My bros:

Unfortunately, with temperatures dropping into the 40s overnight, we all froze. After a somewhat miserable night, we decided to hike out the next day and drive over to Ojo Caliente. We swam and soaked in the hot springs, stopped of at Rancho de Chimayo for drinks and guacamole, then returned to camp for dinner. And this time we brought our back-up bedrolls with us, so we were able to sleep quite comfortably.

Next year, we need to bring LOTS of blankets or find a warmer spot to make camp.

Merry Midsummer!