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by wil — Jan 1, 2013

The most boring and unproductive question one can ask of any religion is whether or not it is true.Alain De Botton, Religion for Atheists (via On Being)

Stupid Idiot

by wil — Sep 28, 2012

We’re planning a trip to France, and we’ve known for a while that our last name looks and sounds almost exactly like the French insult, con/conne (variously translated as stupid idiot, jerk, asshole, bitch, bastard, etc.). So…I guess we’re going to fake the pronunciation of our name so it doesn’t sound quite so much like “stupid idiot”.

P.S. This whole name thing reminds me of the old Nicolas Cage SNL skit, Baby Names.


by wil — May 6, 2012

If we could read the secret history of our enemies,
we should find in each [person’s] life sorrow
and suffering enough to disarm any hostility.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Memory Beliefs

by wil — Mar 29, 2012

Memory == Belief in the pastAlvin Plantinga

I recently came across philosopher Alvin Plantinga’s proposition that memory is more-or-less belief in the past, and the idea really has my mind whirring…

Mathematical Proof

by wil — Dec 8, 2011

Everything exists simultaneously

by wil — Dec 6, 2011

Everything exists simultaneously. Communism isn’t some imaginary society…communism is just one way of people interacting in all societies. The same can be said of exchange, the same can be said of patronage. All these different ways of giving gifts or making exchanges always exist. The question is how they come together, which are favored, and most of all, which we fix on when we try to imagine what people are really like.Anthropologist David Graeber via Giving It Away (TTBOOK)

A tree running in reverse

by wil — Sep 20, 2011

Most of the fuels we use derive their energy from trapped solar rays. In photosynthesis, sunlight and heat make chemical energy (in the form of wood or fossil fuel); fire uses chemical energy to produce light and heat. So a bonfire is basically a tree running in reverse.“20 Things You Didn’t Know About Fire”, Discover, Oct. 2011


by wil — Sep 16, 2011

Doubt is an uncomfortable state, but certainty is a ridiculous one.Voltaire via On Being: Who Do We Want to Become? Remembering Forward Ten Years After 9/11

Star Wars Kitsch

by wil — Sep 6, 2011

Saw this the other day.

Star Wars Rocks! by Hugh Fleming, 1999, limited edition Star Wars Fan Club poster

Perfect for over the couch (though I’m not sure my wife will agree).

Dare to be wise!

by wil — Sep 5, 2011

Sapere aude! (Dare to be wise! / Dare to know!)

Have courage to make use of your own understanding!Immanuel Kant (referencing Horace), via Exploring Happiness